Quotas and targets

We aim to achieve as fair a spread as possible of allocations between the different housing needs groups. Additionally, we are required to ensure that we let a proportion of our homes to homeless applicants each year.

  • We have a quota to allocate 25% of our annual lets to homeless people.
  • We have a quota to allocate 85% of our annual lets to new customers.

The quota to allocate 85% of our annual lets to new customers is approved by our Board and reviewed annually. Our aim is to encourage new customers to RCH and Inverclyde, contribute to reducing the cost of empty properties and give better value for money for the rents paid by our tenants.  

We shall state on the notes against the vacant properties that we advertise weekly if priority is being given to a new customer.  Even if we have stated this, our existing tenants should not be deterred from bidding as properties can be refused by the preferred bidder.

There may also be times when we set a quota or target against a particular area; this could be to meet a particular local housing or business need. These targets are based on the number of applicants on our list and the forecast availability of housing; including plans for new-build homes.